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Paris Multi-Visages


« Pour qu'une chose soit intéressante, il suffit de la regarder longtemps », disait Flaubert.



Paris Multi-Visages is an exhibition of about forty portraits of passers-by, photographed in the boroughs of the capital, using a light box and with the collaboration of an Assistant.  Parisians of a day or always, their eyes challenge us, through the photographic art, in our relations to the other, without distinction.



Paris- Fascinating city, with a thousand facets and a thousand faces. With this series of photos I wanted to pay tribute to those who, on a daily basis, or by the way, make the city in their own way. Get out of my house, to go to meet the other, in the streets of Paris. The other is the unknown and the anonymous, the one who is crossed without seeing him, whom we do not know without always being conscious, to whom we dare not speak. And the other is also me for the other.

Walk, incognito, in the midst of the impersonal, indifferent and stressed crowds of the capital, look, with the sensibility of the woman and the eye of the photographer. And in the course of walks, rounding in rounding, daring to stop the other, from here or elsewhere; show him interest, devote attention to him; questioning his experience, his journey, his history; arouse his curiosity for the art of photography and ask him to take the time to pose as he took that of the encounter and discussion-even ephemeral, without tomorrow.


Look for the magical and almost unspeakable moment in which photography opens doors that are not suspected of interiorities and intimacies that we would not otherwise have access to.  Expose the other, give it to see and look as being a reflection of our multicultural humanity common to all, so rich of our differences; expose the watched, as if he became looking at him from ourselves. Photography thus seeks to explore our relationship to others beyond all the clichés of society and beyond all the identity and community tensions.

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