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Born in Viareggio, Tuscany, in 1967.


She is passionate about photography very early and very young she moves to New York to realize her dream to become a portraitist photographer.


In New York she is working as an intern in    Sheila Matzner’s renowned studio and later as an assistant of the photographer Reuven kopitichinsky


Back in Italy, she establishes in Milan, where starts to work as a photographer for the photographic agency Marka and subsequently as a freelance photographer specializing in portraits, she collaborates also with important newspapers and private companies.


In 2003 she exhibited her first solo exhibition, curated by Denis Curti, "portraits of women in the art world" at the San Fedele space of Milan.

A series of intense portraits of women with different titles in the World of art, poetry and literature.


She concludes the series of portraits with his own self-portrait.


The passion for photography unites from a young age a strong passion for music that brings her for several years to devote herself entirely to the study of the flute.

For a few years after the birth of her  3 children interrupts work in photography, devotes himself especially to the family and works as a teacher of music in several schools.

She plays in various formations including the orchestra I flauti del Verdi of Milan.


Currently lives with her family in Paris city that adores, where she cultivates its two great passions,  music and  photography.

She just completed an artistic project Paris Multi- Visages a series of portraits of people from Paris photographed in the streets of the city.

There will be, on February 2019, a photographic exhibition in the Mairie of the 7 arrondissement of Paris.


Currently works in collaboration with the Italian writer Manuela Diliberto taking portraits for  a book that brings together interviews of known people (journalists, actors, politicians, etc.) or strangers who have made difficult choices in their lives.  

For Cristina Dogliani photographic portrait is a relational openness, interpersonal, of curiosity and benevolence, on the other and on the Humanity.

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